Barbados Jazz Festival    2006






Wilton ,Gary ,Ronnie, 3BT

Jazz On The Vine Festival 2009







Cedarburg Cultural

Center  2005








On The Waterfront

Music Festival  2004 


            "Playing My Dues"

Listen to Tracks

1. Playing My Dues Real Player
2. Night Flight Back To You Real Player
3. On Grover Side Of Town Real Player
4. Don't Know Why Real Player
5. One Night In Brazil Real Player
6. Forever Mine Real Player
7. Keep On Steppin Real Player
8. Rock Steady Real Player
9. Summer Hearts Real Player

Whether it’s the smooth mellow remake of Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why” or Track Number #3 “On Grover’s Side Of Town”

"This CD is guaranteed to find its way into the hands of both Jazz lovers and people of all musical backgrounds."

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 "Don't Wait for Spring Remix"

Listen to Tracks

1. Urban Vibes Real Player
2. Blue Bossa Real Player
3. Don't Wait For Spring Real Player
4. With You Real Player
5. Just A Picture Real Player
6. Love Zone Real Player
7. I'll Always Remember You Real Player
8. Felder's Groove Real Player
9. Voice Mail Real Player
10. Midnight Ride Real Player


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Side Photo by: Mary Jo Walicki